Our company is engaged in transport throughout Europe. It was founded in 2012 and since then builds experience in transport. Headquartered in Pruszkow 15 km from Warsaw, in the Millennium Logistic Park ul. 3 maja. We guarantee professional of services, ours employers has the highest qualifications. We provide the best ratio “quality / price”.
We are able 24/7 and within 30 minutes we prepare a response to the request for transport.

We specialize in dedicated transport, nationally and internationally, with a capacity of 1.5 tonnes, so that we are able to deliver the shipment from day to day and “just in time”. Each of our car is equipped with a GPS monitoring, so the position of the vehicle is given with complete accuracy, 24 hours a day – any time of day or night. We have cars equipped with a self-loading lift and a pallet truck. We have ADR permission for the transport of dangerous articles. Each of our cars has protective equipment for the driver, straps, non-slip mats, chains.  Vehicles of our fleet do not exceed three years of usage.  The basis of our transport is promptness and common right of our and our customers and the care of environment. Bringing an even greater challenges we still looking for new partners, whom we invite to cooperation.

Delivery Expres

Through experience we know how important time is. Our services are a guarantee of delivery directly to your production lines in factories and all kinds of other business activities, where it counts the time of delivery. We are able to drive the car on the designated place, across the Europe within maximum two hours. Shipments are monitored by a GPS system installed in vehicles. On request, we provide contact to the driver. Every order is monitored by the freight forwarder, who informs about the progress of each express delivery by e-mail or telephone.

Car with the lift

Each transport is different, not always the goods are delivered to warehouses or factories where the unloading is not a problem. We have a solution for such problem. Our company has in its fleet cars with the possibility of loading and unloading, with the lift and pallet truck. Transportation to shopping malls, private homes, construction sites, exhibitors of trade fairs throughout Europe and wherever you need assistance – there is no problem for us. This kind of transport we provide express as well with the monitoring and direct delivery.

Transport ADR

Our company has also cars that are privileged to transport dangerous materials ADR. Each driver has undergone appropriate training and cars have all the necessary equipment. Transport for the pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, construction and other needs also not a problem for us. At your request ADR delivery can be made an express, monitoring shipping and direct delivery within car to 3.5 tonnes.

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